The VI PEEL is a great choice for all skin types and is very safe. The aging process can cause your skin to become pigmented and rough. The VI PEEL is specifically formulated to rejuvenate aging skin and help prevent future damage. In as little as 7 days it works to soften fine lines and wrinkles, restore a more even skin tone, and smooth away rough skin texture. The VI peel is also excellent for skin brightening, increased collagen production and a more even skin tone.


PRECISION is a booster to be used together with the VI PEEL. It is formulated with the same synergistic blend of ingredients as the VI PEEL but at a higher concentration.


PRECISION PLUS is a booster specifically for hyperpigmentation. This peel is geared toward those who would like to get rid of the dark sun spots that often appear after years of repeated sun exposure.This peel will give you a smooth, even skin tone and brighten the complexion for a youthful glow. It is also a great peel to treat the hyperpigmentation of melasma. Melasma is very difficult to treat with lasers and the ingredients in the VI PEEL with PRECISION PLUS are especially formulated to target melasma in a safe and effective way.